Sunday, March 2, 2008

Preditors and Editors Needs Our Help!

This week, instead of posting a new piece of Southern Fried Weirdness, I am writing a post to support Dave Kuzminski and Preditors and Editors.

Preditors and Editors has been an invaluable resource for writers since the inception of the site. Most writers/editors are already aware of this site, but for those who are not: they provide listings of publishers/agents, informative articles about writing, and other resources for writers.

They have become well-known for their bravery when it comes to reporting on potential frauds and shady agents/publishers which prey on writers. As a reward for their bravery, they sometimes face lawsuits. In fact, they're facing two at the same time in different states as I write this. Per Dave's thread on

"Ah, yes. Well, it's true. P&E/me are being sued by literary agent Barbara Bauer in a New Jersey court and by Victor E. Cretella, III, Esq. in Federal District Court, Eastern Virginia Division. Two suits at the same time have put a bit of a strain on resources so I did post a donation button on the P&E sites for funds to handle legal expenses."

Help them out, make a donation. I did. You can use the donation button on their news page here to donate.

I know any help, no matter how small, will be appreciated.


T.J. McIntyre
editor, Southern Fried Weirdness Online

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